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Gay & Lesbian Marketing

Serrato-Buelna is a well-respected leading expert in the LGBT Market with years of successful PR/Marketing campaigns with some of the biggest names in the LGBT community; including mainstream corporate brands hoping to tap into this lucrative and coveted niche market.


From Luxury resorts to some of America’s leading craftsman, Serrato-Buelna works with some of the best names in the business;  The Paul Gauguin – Luxury Cruise-line out of the French Polynesia; Zamani Kempinski Retreat – Luxury Holistic Resort in Africa; St. Regis-Monarch Beach, CA; Hunter Studios – Rancho Palos Verde, CA


Whether it is taking on the challenge of building a new lifestyle brand for a young up-and-comer from scratch or re-branding an existing name, Serrato-Buelna brings to the table a fresh, youthful and thoughtful approach to ensure a successful outcome.


With the current state of the economy, it is tougher for non-profits to raise funds and build awareness; to that extent, Serrato+Co. provides creative and strategic methods to maximize positive return of investment, connecting causes with caring donors.


“Green is in!”  Thanks to Serrato-Buelna who was instrumental in the launch of one-of-Hollywood’s-most-talked about homes of the century, project7ten; from working with luxury-green-home builders to environmental non-profits,  Serrato-Buelna feels a sense of duty to ensure a clean and safe world for future generations to enjoy.


From musicians to actors, Serrato-Buelna has more than a decade of working with all sorts of creative types running Hollywood; he has a deep understanding of their business, current state of the market and a passion for the creative world.